Friday, 21 August 2009

Rule #1: The king stay the king

Before something goes live on our website, someone within our organization has to give his final OK. In case of small changes, I can give the go-ahead myself; for more important things the OK has to come from above. But in my opinion there is just 1 relevant opinion on what you publish on your web, and that is the opinion of your customer.

It’s such a simple rule and it sounds like an obvious one. Your client is king. But for companies this is very easy to forget, also on the web. We as a company, we think product, we think competition, we think brand awareness and brand values, we think top-of mind. But we sometimes tend to forget it’s our client we need to keep in mind. And like I said in my previous post: marketing is like a game of chess and the client is king. Always. You get the king, you make the sale.

One of my heroes and content management expert, Gerry McGovern, always says ‘You are not your customer’. And right he is. Our websites are something that is used by our customers and that at any time should serve the interest of our customer.

So is the best website for your client also the best website for you company?

Good question, not an easy one to answer. In my opinion the best website for your client is indeed the best website for your brand. And this since there should not be such thing as ‘a best website for your brand’.
There are a lot of reasons for this. The most obvious reason of this might be control. Who’s in control on the web? Your client is in control on the web, not your company.
You can publish websites and banners as much as you want. If you don’t talk your customer’s talk, you wont get him to your website. Or he wont stay: he’s only 1 click away from leaving your site. The ‘Back’ button and the ‘Close Window’ cross are always there, just one click away. Keep that in mind. Is what you are doing relevant for your customer? Will he visit your website? Will he want to visit your site, also if you don’t pay him to do so? (By paying, I mean – getting paid visits via banners, prize draws, e-mailing). Will he stay or just leave right away?
Are you talking the language of your client on the internet? Are you relevant for your customer? He decides, he’s the king. It might sound trivial; it’s not.

In my previous post I put a picture of a scene of The Wire. In that scene chess is used as a metaphor to a drug dealers crew. A friend of mine replied that The Wire can be seen as metaphor for life – so also for on-line marketing.
If you’re on Spotify – listen here to what D’Angelo Barksdale has to say about the king in a chess game. The king stay tha king.

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