Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy birthday to my blog

Recently my blog celebrated his first birthday. Blown a candle on a cake.

Writing this blog has been many things.

It's been hard: hard to start writing things, harder even to keep writing (still haven't finished my top 5 of 2009 - uuups!). Hard also to find my own voice and to find an audience.

It's been a wonderful experience: writing down ideas and purifying them to get them realy nailed down. Getting feedback and how that enriches you. Having my little own space on the big Long Tail of websites.

It's going UP: lots of new ideas, feel like putting my money were my mouth is and do something good with it.

Thanks to all for all the support!


  1. Congrats!
    Blogging is a great experience in my opinion but it takes a lot of time:
    - to get write & keep posting
    - to build an identity and an audience

    For the later, size doesn't matter. Quality does.

    Keep it up!



  2. Happy B-Day!!
    So proud of you. Just keep going!

  3. Happy birthday! Everything ok with the daddy of this blog?


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