Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wiseri: how I found my new job

Today I start my new job and I’m very excited about that. To celebrate, I gave my blog a new lay-out.

I’ve been working in an on-line agency specialized in e-commerce and now I make the jump of working again client-side, taking care of an e-commerce website. Of course, I’ll miss working with some great professionals and learning different businesses and different solutions, but 2011 will be the e-commerce year for Spain and I’m glad to be a part of it.

I’m very proud that I found my new job on twitter. In 2009 I found my job using LinkedIn, and I thought that was so cool. I know, LinkedIn is about networking and job-offers, but it was still nice that a social network site helped me get a job.

Now, in 2011, it’s twitter that got me a job: I started following @currofile a couple of months ago when somebody I follow retweeted an offer from @currofile.
Currofile is Marina Zaliznyak, who started connecting online/mobile/digital professionals with companies looking to fill an IT position. It started as a nice one-person mission of Marina, connecting jobseekers and companies, and soon it turned into Wiseri, a company dedicated to searching jobs for IT jobseekers and finding qualified candidates for companies looking to hire.

The things I most like from @wiseri

You deal with real people. And very nice people, I must say.
When dealing with Wiseri, you receive a direct and very personal approach. They understand your situation and won’t push you to go for something that you’re not comfortable with.

They have good positions, and they stick to what they know.
In the small period of time wiseri have announced a vast amount of jobs: from technical profiles to marketing and from interships to senior management.
Luckily they don’t accept just any recruitment process. For instance, I’ve done some interviews for the ‘big’ recruitment firms in the past and it was quite strange that for an e-business position I had to explain the recruiter how you have to work search engines. This won’t happen with @wiseri: they know the business, so they know if their might be a good match between job and candidate.

They will tell you when you are perfect for a job and when you‘re not.
@wiseri will help you find a job, but they’ll also tell when a job is a bit out of your league. At least they told me. A couple of times.

Wiseri know how to use twitter, which means: engagement and transparency.
It’s really nice to see these people do what they do: they use twitter in a very genuine way to connect with people. They’re not afraid to tweet about offers which aren’t theirs, they give advice on your CV, and they talk straight up. It’s all very transparent and it’s nice to feel that these people like to do what they do.
They’re also very good at doing their own marketing: for somebody looking to change jobs, there is no better publicity than when you see a recruitment agency tweeting ‘We’ve fixed another interview for a happy candidate’.

I’m very grateful for @wiseri for helping me with this new opportunity. Today, as it is my first day on the new job, they can tweet: ‘Happy candidate starts first day on new job thanks to @wiseri’. 


  1. I'm glad for you and receive my congrats but my experience with Wiser is at the other end.

    I applied for two vacancies and I did not receive any feedback or answer apart from asking me for a cover letter.

    I guess it's just two sides of the same coin, but truth be told, now I'm afraid of applying to any new vacancy.

    Good luck in your new job.

    BTW: this is not the account I use to apply for jobs.

  2. Good luck with this job, Stef!!
    You have a big salary, I gues...

  3. Hey!
    @Eme: I had the same thing with an offer which wasn't quite right for me. They didn't reply. So don't take it personal: think they're a bit overloaded and prefer to reply to the right candidate. Don't give up - it takes a while, also for me, but it's worth it.

    @elgranhuja thanks for the wishes. And no, I don't have that big a salary. Can't complaign, though.

  4. Congrats Stef! All the best for your new job. I am sure you will do a great job.

  5. Proficiat! Idd originele manier van werken.

  6. Congratulations on your new Interflora`s colleagues.

    Signed: Systems boss

  7. Muchas gracias, Systems Boss.
    Mis compañeros del curro no son los más guapos, pero tienen otras cualidades. Dicen.