Monday, 23 December 2013

My 2013 Spotify list: I'm getting old

Here's my list of songs for 2013. You can listen to it clicking here: Lista 2013 Stefvanef

It's the same set-up as every year: the first 5 tunes are from my favourite albums of this year, the others are a list of nice songs. 2013 hasn't been the incredible year like 2012 was, but there has been some wonderful stuff to listen to.
When I was making the list I realised that neither Iron & Wine nor The National would have been on this list if I were 15 years younger. Guess I'm getting older, since they are going top. Even during The National's concert I was thinking: what happened with all the rock-bands I used to like so much?

But there is still that younger Stefvanef within this list, with some great noise and desturbing music, like tunes from M.I.A., Madensuyu, Death Grips and - hell yeah - Fuck Buttons.

Enjoy listening.

Big thanks to DJ Yolapongo, his friend Deniz and den Humo for the tips.

Click on the image to see it large-scale.

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