Thursday, 1 January 2015

My 2014 Spotify List: new and newer.

Here is my traditional list of songs of 2014 I really like. You can listen to it by clicking here: Lista 2014 Stefvanef

The set-up of the list is as any year: first 5 songs come fgrom my favorite albums. Afterwards there are some songs I really enojoyed as well.

Maybe 2014 was not the best of years when it came to music, but there were still some fine new tunes. Besides Ed Harcourt and Mogwai, not so much great stuff from the oldies. So 2014 was the year of discovering new and newer things, with notable mentions to Strand of Oaks ans FKA Twigs. Hippie Sabotage provided for the perfect summer soundtrack, and I'll be listening to them again as soon as temperatures start rising again. There was also a very nice concert by Peter Broderick, which is more or less why he's in this list.

Enjoy listening.

Big thanks goes this year to Dalons from Burgetto for pointing in the right direction at times.

Click on the image to see it large scale.

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