Friday, 7 October 2011

Amazon honours Steve Jobs on their sites

Did anybody else see the banner on the Amazon sites in honour of Steve Jobs?

It's remarcable to see how universally loved Jobs is: a tecnology and entrepeneur superstar. It's is ironic that a leader of a company who is pretty clear that it doesn't necessarily need to sell to everybody, gets so widely loved: Apple market to their fans and their fans only, but Jobs is loved by everyone. Apple doesn't spend energy on people who don't follow their story or prices, and Steve Jobs got universal recognition.

Also people who are not big Apple fans, like me, ackowledge Jobs' greatness and competitors as Google honoured him beyond the obligate statement. It's unseen for a business man and entrepeneur to cause so much emotion and recognition - I can't think of someone who comes near in his area, surely not Bill Gates. I'm sure that if he would have been a politician, people would now talk about his contributions to world peace with Mandela-like proportions.

Amazon's tribute to Jobs on their home page might of course be seen as a 'thank you' to Jobs for all the iPods, iPads and iPhones the online retailer sold: Apple made products, Amazon sold them. But since the 2 companies were growing more into competitors than in allies lateley (competing directly for instance on tablets, music and cloud services), it's a nice gesture of Amazon.

Make no mistake: the banner isn't a direct comercial move like, I first thought it might have been: the banner goes to the tribute page on the Apple-site, an external link, and not to some ill-conceived 'In Memoriam' Apple product section, ready to capitalize on the death of Jobs. That would have been pretty sick.

Bit of a tricky question maybe, but will we see a Jobs' doodle soon?


  1. I guess you will have to wait for a year before see Job's doodle...

  2. February 24th was his birthday - that might be Doodle-day for Jobs.