Tuesday, 27 December 2011

My 2011 Spotify list: the year of the gals

End of the year = LISTS!!

Here is my 2011 music list. You can listen to it on Spotify: Lista 2011 Stefvanef

The first 5 tracks of the list are from my favourite 2011 albums. The others are songs I played and played and played.

Music in 2011 was pretty good. Not as surprising as in 2010, when I discovered so much new music and when I went from surprise to surprise. 2011 was more about known artist doing a good job.

It must be said it was also a pretty good year for the female artists: Joan, Tune-Yeards, Polly-Jean, Laura, EMA, Feist, and so much more: great work, keep it up. I've listened a lot to you this year.

Spotify, a returning theme in this blog, also limited drastically it's free service. When that happened a lot of my friends looked for other free options. I started to pay. A funny consequence was that I stopped wondering about Spotify's future: I became a paying user, the monthly invoice became normal and I stopped worrying about what would happen or how the business-model would work out. It just does, it became part of daily routine and it stopped being a concern. Case closed.
Also true: Oh Land, The Black Keys and Tom Waits would have probably be in this list if they had been in Spotify: sure you don't want the royalties for letting me play your songs in Spotify?

Let's bring on more music in 2012!